Residential Solar
Power Systems

Harness the sun’s power and switch to sustainable, green energy for your home. Exosolar residential solar power systems are tailored to the unique energy needs of South African households.

Benefits of Solar Power for South African Homes


Load Shedding Resilience: Equip your home with a reliable power source during frequent load-shedding periods in South Africa.


Financial Savings: With rising electricity prices, investing in solar panels for homes can lead to significant savings in the long run.


Boost Home Value: Homes equipped with solar energy systems have a higher resale value in the market.


Environmental Impact: Reduce your carbon footprint by generating green electricity for your home.


Government Incentives: Benefits from various government rebates and incentives when installing solar panels for home use in South Africa.

Benefits of Solar Power for South African Homes

Battery Boost:

Upgrade your system's energy storage to ensure you have power even during extended cloudy periods or utility outages.

Upgrade Your Inverter:

Opt for a higher capacity inverter under our rent-to-own scheme, enhancing your system's power handling capability.

Solar Panel Expansion:

Rent-to-Own Accessories:

Flexible Payment Plans

We believe in making solar accessible to all. Our rent-to-own plans are designed to be wallet-friendly, allowing you to pay over time. Transitioning to solar in South Africa has never been this easy and affordable. With Exosolar, you’re not just a customer; you’re a partner in the renewable energy revolution!

Residential Solar Power Systems South Africa

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Ready to embrace a sustainable future? Discuss your needs with our experts and get a tailored solution for your household. Whether it’s understanding the solar panels for home cost, exploring rent-to-own options, or seeking maintenance support, Exosolar is here for you.

Exosolar Kits: Tailored Solar Systems for South African Homes

Discover our range of tailored solar systems, each carefully curated to cater to the varying energy needs of South African households:

Designed for: Small to medium households to stay powered during load shedding.
Includes: 5.12 kWh Exosolar Powerwall ELITE, 5kW Deye Hybrid Inverter, and Longi 550W Solar Panels.
Benefits: Ideal for households spending less than R1500 on electricity per month. Experience uninterrupted power, even during peak load shedding times.

Designed for: Medium to large households with increased energy consumption.
Includes: 10.24 kWh Exosolar Powerwall MAX, 6kW Deye Hybrid Inverter, and multiple Longi 550W Solar Panels.
Benefits: Perfect for homes with multiple appliances running simultaneously, ensuring you never experience downtime.

Designed for: Large households with extensive energy needs or small commercial setups.
Includes: 10.24 kWh Volta Powerwall, 12kW Deye Hybrid Inverter 3 Phase, and an expanded set of Longi 550W Solar Panels.
Benefits: Whether it’s a large family residence or a small business, ensure that you’re always powered up, regardless of grid failures.

Designed for: Extra-large households or commercial establishments needing the pinnacle of solar energy solutions.
Includes: Deye BOS-G 61.4 Kwh LifePo4 Battery Rack, 50kW Deye Hybrid Inverter 3 Phase HV, and a comprehensive set of Longi 550W Solar Panels.
Benefits: Experience the future of energy independence. With the Elite package, power outages become a thing of the past.

Why Choose Exosolar Kits?

Every Exosolar kit is crafted keeping South African energy challenges in mind. With the flexibility to upgrade components and expand as your energy needs grow, our kits offer a sustainable and reliable energy solution for every home.

Maintenance & Support

With Exosolar, you’re not just purchasing solar panels for your home; you’re investing in peace of mind. Our annual maintenance checks and dedicated support team ensure your solar energy system for home runs optimally for years:

Our team remotely monitors your solar power system’s performance to preemptively address any issues.

In the rare event of a malfunction, our technicians will be at your doorstep to get your system up and running.

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of your solar panels and system, we conduct thorough annual inspections.

Have queries about your solar power house cost, performance, or any other aspect? Our customer support is just a call away.

Custom Solar Systems in South Africa

Harness the power of the sun tailored to your specific needs. Every home in South Africa is unique, and so should be its energy solution. With our expertise, we craft custom solar solutions to suit the energy demands of your household.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the best solar system for my home?

The optimal solar system depends on your energy consumption profile – peak and average use – as well as your specific requirements and budget.

Are there financing options available?

Exosolar partners with many financial institutions such banks to provide financing in the event that this is required. We also offer a rent-to-own solution.

How much maintenance is required?

Maintenance for solar systems is typically less than for an equivalent gas, coal, or diesel generator as there are virtually no moving parts. Regular inspections are required to ensure that there are no loose connections or build up of dirt, and it is advisable to clean the panels regularly to maximize their efficiency.

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