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Exosolar Elite

Suitable for medium to large households looking to move mostly off-grid.

This system will provide backup for essential appliances during loadshedding and will contribute solar power to most appliances during the day.


8kW Hybrid Deye

Lithium Battery

15.36kWh (3 X Exosolar Max 5.12kWh)

550W Solar Panels

15.36kWh (3 X Exosolar Max 5.12kWh)

Consumables, Installation & COC

All Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you operate in?

For product sales we are able to ship all over the country. For installations we primarily operate in the Lowveld region.

What is the order process for a system?

-After receiving your request for a system, we will call to understand your home setup and exact needs. The next step is to schedule a site visit – this is to help us plan the job by confirming the state and complexity of the current wiring in your home, as well as where the products will be placed in your house and on your roof. If feasible, we can do this remotely using a video call. From there you will receive a formal quote and a detailed report on your system and potential savings. Once we have received your deposit we schedule installation.

How long does installation take?

Physical installation typically takes between 1-3 days depending on the size of the system and the complexity of your house.

How do I apply for Finance?

There are multiple avenues available to apply for finance. If you have an existing home loan the best option is to apply directly with your bank to extend the loan to cover the system. We also partner with various solar specific financing houses which we can recommend once we understand your requirements further.

What are considered essential vs non essential appliances?
Essential appliances are those critical appliances that you would want to run on your batteries during loadshedding. This is typically your lights, select plug points, TV, wifi and fridges. Non-essential appliances are items and appliances that have a high power consumption and would drain your battery relatively fast. It is recommended not to connect these to your battery. Non-essential examples would be electric geysers, ovens, pool pumps and aircons.


Let us know if you need assistance or if you still have questions.